“In Life, missions are possible, goals are attainable, but the call upon your life from God will never leave. However, it is placed aside and so often neglected, for our own selfish motives and reason, but because of a merciful and gracious God I do what I’m called to do now and that is ‘SHARING JESUS THROUGH SONG’!” –   Paul Tillman   

Paul lives in Tillman’s Corner, Alabama. Yes, he is a Tillman from Tillman’s Corner,  a suburb just about 15 minutes west of Mobile, Al

Paul is a singer, songwriter and musician who gives God all the credit for the gifts and talent God has bestowed upon him.

Paul is quick to tell you that without Jesus Christ sparing his life, where he is today, and this journey he is on, would not be possible.

Paul’s singing journey started in a small country church called Theodore Church of God with one Stella guitar. There a man stood beside him playing an old Martin guitar. Most of all this man lived an example of what a true believer of Christ is supposed to live. Even at the early age of 7 he always encouraged Paul to live and sing for God. He sang and wrote several gospel songs for many years himself.  People knew him as “Smiling” Jack Tillman. Paul called him “Pop”. Paul sang at area churches with his dad and sisters spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through song.

 Like many of those that are called, they think they can do it on their own or do it better their way. Paul was no different. But no matter where Paul went to play or sing, that calling that God placed upon him at an early age never left him. It was always there, that gentle tugging! That constant reminder! Paul knew that it was the Lord reminding him of the calling he had placed on Paul’s life. He wasn’t doing what he was called to do, which made Paul a very restless soul.  

Paul’s songwriting is inspired by life, family, friends and most of all his love for Jesus Christ and where Jesus Christ has brought him from and where he is taking him to.

As you listen to Paul’s original tunes on the debut project titled “Memories”, you will find yourself relating to the experiences in the songs that God has so greatly gifted Paul the ability to do. The gifted voice of Paul that God has placed an anointing on, will bless you as you listen. Talking to Paul you will quickly learn that this man gives all the credit to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Paul is now full time in his ministry of ‘SHARING JESUS THROUGH SONG’. His wife Amanda and youngest daughter Sara are always there with their support and love.

Paul lives by his mission statement and truly believes it strongly. Paul believes that without the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the songs, the music and the message of Christ will never impact people to give their lives to Christ.

 One of Paul's original songs  “I’d Say You” has been release nationally to Southern Gospel and Country Gospel stations across the country..and has won him 2013 NACMAI Rising Star Songwriter of The Year,  and also the 2012 TNCGMA,GACGMA 2012 Traditional Gospel Male Vocalist of The Year..

Paul is available to perform at your Concert Venues, Church Services, Fairs & Festivals, Homecomings, Revivals, Camp Meetings, Conferences, and more!

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P.O. Box 1185

Theodore, AL 36590




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