I am a blessed man!!! Although times are hard, the loss of jobs, loss of homes, just any kind of loss,  is a devastating experience as we face today’s economy.  I know! I have been there.  I thought at one time in my life that I could do and accomplish things alot better on my own, but really, I was the foolish one. I was determined to make it without anyone telling me what to do,  or how to do it, I knew deep down that was wrong but sometimes our ole pride gets in the way and I am certainly no different, mine did also. After a severe truck wreck in December 2006 that left me flat of my back for 7 months, I had alot of time to talk to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,  angry sometimes, hurt, agonizing over my past, several things you think of when all you can do is lay there. But God spared my life and I am so thankful to him...Sometimes God allows us to go so far and then really has to get our attention...I couldn't always say this but one day when  I leave this ole earth and I stand before my Maker, the most High God, my greatest award will be to hear my heavenly FATHER say “Welcome home my good and faithful servant," I pray that I can tell and win many to Christ as their personal Savior...I take this very seriously,  each and every day my  focus as I pray daily is to stay humble and be obedient to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as I proceed to answer the call he has placed upon my life.

I learned to play the acoustic guitar and bass in front of an old RCA  stereo. Man we were living in high cotton when Pop purchased this for the living room, an awesome piece of furniture if you could call it that, I called it a blessing from God. Nothing like sitting in front of that ole RCA and listening to the sound of good ole southern gospel music "BLARING" (my poor ole Mamma, bless her heart) out of those speakers.  I am thankful for my upbringing.   I would play along with albums such as; Buck Owens (Dust on Mothers Bible) The Louvin Bros. (There’s a Higher Power) one of my hero’s, Kenny Hinson and the Hinsons (anything Kenny would sing) Rusty Goodman (wow!! need I say anything?  what a singer!) and several others... Every so often if I could catch Pop gone I would slip a Merle Haggard or Vern Gosdin album in, however these were not part of the families’ gospel collection (LOL). I kept these albums hid,  thinking I had outsmarted him. But we laughed later on when he shared with me that he always knew about them. Wow! To think of all the memories that come alive when you sit down and start to reminisce about when this journey that I am on, actually started.


I have to thank the family members who have supported me. Going to my shows and pushing my music. Ya’ll know who you are. I love ya and God Bless ya.

My mama, 89 years young, well, do I really have to tell ya about a son and his mama? I love my momma.

My heart’s desire is that everyone that hears a song that I sing, or that I come in contact with, will always know that my first intention is to let them know that Christ is the reason that I am here today and do what I do. It is because of his grace, mercy and forgiveness that I can sit here and write about his love and him sparing my life and giving me the opportunity to share that Jesus still saves and heals.

The greatest thing anyone can do is give their life to Christ as their personal savior today, 

All you need to do is call out to him and believe that God gave his son Jesus to die upon the cross for our sins so that we may have everlasting life (see John 3:16) My prayer today is that you will receive Jesus as your personal Savior today..

                           God Bless!!!!!                 

                                                               “SHARING JESUS THROUGH SONG”

                                                                 Paul Tillman


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